Our Model

Simply put, Step Onward aims to understand the specific needs of our individual recipients as a wrap-around service model. We identify and fill gaps in resources either independently or in collaboration with partner organizations to help recipients transition to total independence. Some of these gaps are in the following areas:


When needed, we fund safe and affordable housing for young adult survivors and partner with them in choosing sustainable choices. Often we help other organizations of all sizes around the nation to open space in their transitional housing by helping recipients move to the next level of self-sufficiency and responsibility. This helps others in need to continue also to move toward self sufficiency and aids our partner organizations in our common missions closing the gaps and strengthening the movement to stop cycles of homelessness through community building and partnership.


We fund a variety of necessities including tuition, books, fees, food and transportation depending on recipients needs. Often our partner organizations experience gaps in specific necessary resources they do not traditionally provide or cannot provide in an emergent situation. We also provide for non-traditional trade training and certifications that many other scholarship funds do not provide. Our services are customized to the individuals and their emerging needs.


We mentor recipients entering college and universities to make sure they make wise choices so they can complete their higher education. We often have group meetings with our partner organizations, recipients and educational institutions to help choose the most efficient choices to make the funding most effective. We understand changes in life circumstances and mentor recipients who are often non-traditional students who may need to take short periods of time off from school. We listen, assess, help problem solve and stay committed as long as there is communication and a steady commitment expressed to continue moving toward sustainability. Most often our recipients return to school though understanding and support as life situations shift and they are able.

Health and wellness

We connect recipients with opportunities to increase their health and wellness through volunteer providers and at times through funding services. We are available to discuss recipients needs and concerns which also helps their wellness and when needed we refer them to resources.