I am grateful for Step Onward. It has propelled me into the entrepreneur I am today.

My Story

It started with my goal to become an esthetician, and Step Onward helped me by funding what would be the start of my entrepreneurial career. Following, my own esthetician business, it pushed me into majoring in business administration and the long term goal of aiming for a bachelors or masters degree in this field. And, finally, led me to another love of mine which is real estate and becoming a licensed real estate professional.

Step onward has shown me that the sky is the limit and not to put a cap on my goals! From the bottom of my heart I am tremendously grateful for the opportunities presented!

And a special thank you to Patrice! I appreciate you for being hands on and checking in on me even after years completing my education. It means the world and that goes so far and speaks about your character!